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The low cost and the best conditions for car rental in Tirana with Naniko

Just a couple of decades ago it would be difficult to find Albania in the list of tourist destinations of a travel company, but today you can find that the situation has changed significantly and the country’s capital Tirana is really among the sought-after destinations of international tourism. The city has experienced a significant process of redevelopment, increased the number of its inhabitants and visitors, have been held exciting annual cultural festivals, opened the access to art galleries, museums, and also to the trendy clubs and entertainment centers. This young and dynamic place, really became a symbol of the revival of the new Albania and interesting place to visit near the clear littorals of Adriatic Sea. In Tirana easy to arrive using the international airport of Rinas, well connected with the city. Before you hit the road, make sure that pre-settled all organizational issues and also task of rent a car in Tirana for easy movement. This service is easily available through the reservation system on the website of Naniko and positioning the auto you can visit and explore the city and its surroundings, without straining and without tiring from public transport.

Choose the best for you and travel in comfort by auto rental in Tirana from Naniko!

Naniko is an independent company, which formed an affordable and easy booking engine services to their customers, which saving time and effort can quickly find everything they need for their mobility. On our site with the help of user-friendly filter is possible to obtain an option on the set parameters and select a car that is perfect for your travel style.

Based on many years of experience, we are improving every day, taking in consideration even the slightest wishes of our customers, creating a system of services on the basis of transparency and comprehensiveness. Our website is available in multiple languages, and services can be provided in most countries of the world, wherever presented in the market our ofices.
Each month, thousands of satisfied customers receive from us a wide range of services and commercial products in accordance with their needs.

To pick up a car you only need to provide reservation voucher and personal documents, in accordance with the required standards.

Discover the best conditions for rent a car in Tirana at affordable prices with Naniko!

In most cases, we have also available car rental option to commit the international route. To cross the borders of the country in a rented car, you should inform us in advance and get a special permission from our legal department.
For any questions, you can get detailed information in the appropriate section of the site or by telephone by our trained professionals.

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