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Dear clients, we are always here to assist you with individual approach to your requests and answer to any of possible questions regarding to the Booking Process; Payment Rules; Service Locations; Security and Insurance and any other issues.
Below you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this information will be useful, in other case, contact us by the given phone numbers and e-mail address.

Booking Process:

How do I make a reservation for the car?
In order to make a reservation, we opt several ways to our clients. The easiest is to use the online booking on our website, which gives you actual information about the car specification and instant price calculation. Here you can choose the extra services and service locations when picking up or dropping off the vehicle.
You can book also by phone or visit our office at the working times.

What documents are required for car rent from Naniko in Georgia?
The car rent process is very simple and the only documents we need for the agreement is the passport and driving license. Note: The input of the driving license should be provided in Latin letters.
We require to provide us the scan copies when making the reservation and at the pick-up time presenting the original documents.

How long does it take for the paperwork procedures?
Depending on the chosen booking form and pick up location, we have diverse approaches, though all of them are fitted to the client – we care for saving your time.
If the reservation has been done online, it takes only to sign the agreement, pay for the service and drive the rented car.
By visiting our office, you have an advantage to see the cars in the auto park and choose the suitable one, at the we prepare the required documents in few minutes and you are ready to take the automobile.
In case if the pick-up location is the airport or a hotel of you residence, our rental agent comes to deliver the reserved car with all the documents prepared in advance. It is a case of some seconds and you are there to drive.

Does the booking system permit to choose the specific car model?
The reservation process has a step of revising our auto park on-line. Of course, you can choose the desired model of in the booking system. Though, we recommend to consider the covered roads and differ the cars by this determination.

Are there any restricts for the client age range?
To rent a car from Naniko the client must be above 21 years old and has to have a valid driving license
with minimum one year experience.
Those restricts are make accordingly to international standards.

Do I have access to a confirmed reservation, in order to make modifications?
The online booking system has possibility to edit any information and if required, change the car too. Therefore, you will receive a new reservation number with updated data.
In other case, contact us and be sure to accept quick assistance.  

Payment Rules:

Which forms of payment are accepted?
To pay the service, any of the modes is up to your choice. We accept credit cards, bank transfer and cash payment. Note: In case if we deliver the vehicle to airport or the hotel, the service should be prepaid by credit card or bank transaction, in other case, it is possible to provide cash to our rental agent.

Are there any prepayments required when making reservation online?
We do not require the service has to be prepaid, though you should choose the payment mode, in case if it is credit cards, just pill up the details. If bank transaction – we need the account information. No charges are made in advance.
Our relations are based on understanding. In case of canceling the request, we ask to release the booking as early as possible, so that the car could be accessed by other clients.

Is there a guarantee amount needed when renting a car?
We require for a deposit for car rental, which is modified accordingly to the vehicle type. In case if you chose credit card payment, the sum of the deposit will be blocked on the account, otherwise you leave the amount in cash.

How long does it take for blocked deposit amount released?
Just in moment when you deliver the car in complete order, we refund the guarantee amount and release the blocked deposit from the credit card. Accordingly to the banking regulations, it will be returned to your account in certain period.

Do I have any access to extra services?
One of the privileges that we give to our clients are the Additional Services, you can find the list and choose them when booking. The calculation of price is made considering all the chosen services.
We provide specific equipment, professional driver and some other assistances accordingly to your needs.

Service Locations:                                                    

Can I rent a car in Tbilisi and drop off in other city?
As we have branch offices in all the major cities, it’s up to you to choose the location. The one-way rental options are flexible and fitted to your needs. For example, you can rent a car in Tbilisi and drop it off even in Batumi International airport.

Is it possible to cross the border of Georgia with a car rented form Naniko?
In case if you have planned a round trip in Caucasus, it is possible to get a special permission for crossing the border. To prepare the document we need to be informed in advance. In general, we permit all the south bordering countries – Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan .

If my pick-up location is the airport, how do I recognize the rental agent?
When delivering the car to the airport, we always require for flight details. At the admitted time, our rental agent will greet you upon arrival, having a name board with the company logo.

What if the flight has been canceled or delayed?
We have permanent connection with the airport updated data of arrivals, so you can stay with peace of mind, the rental agent will be there at time. In case if the flight delays for more than 24 hours, we will try to contact you and receive updated information.

Which procedures are required for accepting and returning the rented car?
When delivering you the vehicle, we sign a protocol of pick-up, in which you confirm that the car is in order. We provide it clean and with full tank of fuel.
As for the returning procedures, the car must be in the same condition, as at the delivery. Our rental agent will check the car and we sign the act of delivery.

Security and insurance:

Is there an insurance included for the rented car from Naniko?
The cars are insured and the agreement includes Full Casco insurance package.
If any damage considered in the insurance is caused, it will be covered by 85%.
There are no additional fees required for adding insurance service.

How to act in case of a car accident?
We hope for your safe drive, though in case of an accident, first to do is to contact our emergency service. We will care for getting in touch with the road police and insurance company.

What if I have some warning lights on the automobile screen?
If you have this kind of occasion, please contact us. The technical support team will be there to help you any time.