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Cheap car rental in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Georgia
from car rental company Naniko

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Terms and Conditions by NANIKO in Georgia

The list of terms and conditions described below is equivalent to the content of the Rental Agreement signed between the lessor and the lessee. The Renter should appreciate and agree each part of the documents.


The only legitimate driver for the rented automobile is the renter, who signed the agreement. It is possible to register an additional driver, who is compatible with the below-mentioned terms of DRIVER COMPETENCE REQUIREMENTS. This service requires extra fee. The second driver has to present also the passport and driving license.

When signing the document of Rental Agreement, the client should accept below mentioned conditions and not let any other person to drive the rented car.

  • If the person to drive is not authorized by NANIKO representatives and registered as an additional driver.
  • If the person does not fit the driver competence requirements of NANIKO or the official legacy of Georgia accordingly to the age restricts, driver license validity and any additionally described confines.
  • If the person is under influence of alcoholic, narcotic or any other perceptual substances
  • or has any reactive or impulsive expressions.


The competence of the renter should be capable with the below mentioned requirements:

  • Age restricts of the driver: above 21 years
  • Driving experience: minimum one year

When renting a car it is necessary to present a passport and driving license with input spelled in Latin letters only. If the driving license is not international, it is possible to present a translated version confirmed by the notary.


NANIKO has three branch offices in Georgia.
We allow delivery and return of the cars in each of the centers.
The service locations contain of:

  • Tbilisi Downtown Office and Tbilisi International Airport
  • Kutaisi Downtown Office and Kutaisi International Airport
  • Batumi Downtown Office and Batumi International Airport

When mentioning one of the airports in the Pick-Up location, flight details are required.
NOTE: The service of Airport Pick-up/Drop-off requires an additional charge of 25 USD.

One-way Rental service

One-Way rental service is allowed between the service locations of NANIKO in Georgia.
One-Way rental has to be appealed in the agreement. In case of changes in the drop-off location, the renter must inform the car rental company in advance.

Restricts about driving destinations

In case if the renter requests for driving the car rented from NANIKO out of Georgia borders, there is a special permission and power of attorney document required.
The only allowed outbound driving destinations are Turkey and Armenia.
The registration of the document is charged in amount of 80 USD.


  • When renting the car, we ensure vehicle delivery in conditions of complete order, clean and full with fuel. The renter approves this and signs Pick-Up document, which is inseparable part of the agreement.
  • When returning the rented car, the customer should follow the terms admitted in the agreement accordingly to Drop-off location and time. The car has to be returned in the same technical and visual condition, also with the equipment and automobile registration documents and other accessories as it was provided while renting.
  • After the car technical an visual revision, Act of Delivery is signed, in which both parties approve that the conditions of the car and its detail are capable with primary posture and nothing is missing. The car should be clean and with full fuel tank, as when renting.
  • In case if the drop off time is below office working hour frames, the renter takes responsibility to for the car until providing it our agent and signing the Act of Delivery.
  • In case if the return delays for more than an hour, NANIKO is authorized to charge the client for half-day rental fee. For more than two hours, the renter will pay for full day. Along with the additional payment, the renter is responsible for the car condition until the time of return, during the exceeded hours, not assigned in the rental agreement.
  • In case if the car had been returned unclean, an amount of charge is required accordingly to the vehicle type.
  • If the tank of fuel is not full, we ask to refund a fixed amount for each liter.


The use of the rented car should suit the technical requirements and the document of registration. Furthermore, the car has to be parked only at the parking locations noted. The customer is responsible for keeping the provided car documents and all the accessories.

The car exploitation is restricted in situations as:

  • Warning road traffic
  • Criminal purposes
  • Renting to third party
  • Driving lessons
  • Racing and Over speed
  • Animal Transportation
    NOTE: you can get a special permission form NANIKO in advance, when signing the documents. We recommend to carry a special cage bag. If any damaged caused to the car interface, it should be refunded at the returning.


The approval of the  Rental Agreement terms by the customers allows the lessee to charge the provided credit card or other payment sources for:
1) Rental service cost
2) Guarantee deposit amount
3) Full tank cover

The renter has to pay until the accepting service, even if reimburse of expanses from third party.
The guarantee deposit amount blocked on the credit card is released immediately after signing the Act of delivery, it takes two weeks to the bank to unlock and refund to your account.

Payment methods

  • Credit cards, Debit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

The payment in cash has to be made in GEL accordingly to the National Bank exchange rate.


The cars of NANIKO have insurance package of CASCO with franchise of the renter.
The package includes:
CDW – Collision Damage Waiver, which means to cover the damage caused as a result of car accident.
TPL – Third Party Liability, which means full cover of damage caused to  the third party property or health.
TP- Theft Protection, which means to cover the price of the car stolen away with franchise of the renter.

The rental price includes the price of insurance package.


In case if the renter has forgot his/her property in the car after returning, the lessor is not responsible for lost. To prevent such casualty, please make sure you checked the vehicle before dropping off.


  • The renter is obligated to inform about any damage caused to the car in case of: accident, crash, theft or stolen parts or any other warning casualty.
  • In case of a car accident, the renter is obliged not to move the car from the place and not let free the other party of the incident. To call immediately the road police, inform the representatives of NANIKO and the insurance company.
    In case if not submitting to act by the given instructions, the renter takes responsibility for the caused damage.
  • In case of an accident, theft or vandalism, the renter has to report the police and inform the insurance company about the incident. The documentations for the casualty census is filled up in presence of the police. At the returning, the renter should provide all the covenants and paperwork regarding the casualty. If the police report document is missing, the renter will take responsibility and cover the expenses for caused damage.
  • The renter is obliged to keep all the items, related to the car – keys, registration documents and remote control.
    In case of theft, the described items should be returned to NANIKO by the renter.
  • In case of any casualty of accident/ theft/vandalism the renter must cooperate with the police and insurance agency for thorough investigation of the issue.

Refusal of cooperation is a prerequisite for the renter to take responsibility as in accordance with law and all the expanses to cover the damage.

  • At the step of returning the car, if the checking procedures were limited for occasions like weather conditions, darkness or if the car was not clean and the representatives of NANIKO failed to identify damage or loss of details, after the discovery of such occasion the company leaves right to ask renter for refund.
    The part of the document of Terms and Conditions, according the REGULATIONS FOR THE VEHICLE RETURN WARN the car rental company NANIKO has the right to require compensations for any damage or loss identified after the return of the vehicle.


  • After signing the contract, the renter agrees to the terms of traffic and parking penalty refund and takes all responsibility during the rental
  • In case of any imposed penalty for traffic and parking, the renter must notify the representatives of NANIKO at the drop off time.
  • In case if the car rental company covered the caused traffic and parking penalties during the rental period, the client must compensate all the expanses accordingly to the regulations of NANIKO.
  • The renter has the right to request for the copy of the penalty document and the payment order refunded by the car rental company.


The renter accepts the terms of contract in which he/she confirms to allow the car rental company store the personal information for demands of statistical analysis, protection of the company property.
In case of failure in observing the contract by the client, the car rental company is allowed to transmit the personal information of the renter to third party as for legal and public reasons.


  • The list of terms and conditions can be changed single handled by the car rental company without notification in advance.
  • In case of any disagreement between the renter and the rental company, the disputes can be solved between the parties. If no convenience is achieved, the issue will be transmitted under the settlement of Supreme Court of Georgia by the legacy of Republic of Georgia.