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Information about car rental in Armenia by the international company Naniko

The independent state of Armenia occupies a strategic position between Europe and Asia and is disposed in the heart of the Caucasus. Historically the country also had a significant position and was at the epicenter of many important events. In Armenia, there is quite an impressive tourist potential thanks to its unique landscape and natural areas that are ideal for eco-tourism, but also because of the presence of the immense historical and artistic heritage and cultural sites that are scattered throughout the territory of this small country. Of course, to reach the most interesting routes and visit the most attractive places is kindly requested to solve the task of easy movement, when it is better not to be dependent on public transport. For the needs of travelers the ideal solution is to rent a car in Armenia, provided via the web-page of the company of Naniko, the simple way to book through a convenient reservation system.
Thus, moving freely in any direction, you can begin the journey from the capital of Yerevan, to visit all the sights and take part in ongoing activities, and then head to the Artashat, which is among the oldest cities of the country. Here, everywhere you can see ancient temples and like sprouting out from the ground the crosses of impressive size – khachkars, with which is dotted the Armenian land. You cannot miss the chance to visit the most important historical sites and experience the charm of the ancient monasteries, amongst of which are the monastery of Khor Virap and others. You can easily appreciate the beauty of the stunning natural environment of Armenia and walk into the mountains, passing along the river, go to Lake Sevan, which is the one of the largest water reserves in the world. It is also a pleasant surprise to discover the rich gastronomy of the country at a very affordable prices.

Travel throughout the Armenian land with full comfort by auto rental in Armenia from Naniko!

As a car rental service provider, the company of Naniko operates in the international market for many years and has established itself as a reliable partner for both private customers, large companies and corporate clients through greater access and a variety of vehicles in various areas in the world and perfect service system, which is constantly in the dynamics, to provide our clients with more and more refined services.

When you have completed the booking process on our website, as the order confirmation you will receive a booking voucher, which contains an important information and data on the implemented by you order. Although the voucher is not a document that replaces the lease agreement, but when pickup the vehicle, it must be in presence with the rest require personal documents.

In our fleets is always given a wide choice, and no matter what the style of your journey, you will always be able to find a suitable means of transport , whether it is for a business trip, travel in mountainous areas or travel around the country on long distances.

Our prices are provided to you initially, will not be changed for you and they comprise all the taxes and the cost of compulsory insurance Casco. If you wish to purchase additional insurance, our specialists will offer you the appropriate packages at your choice.

Save your budget with the help of the available packages for rent a car in Armenia proposed by Naniko!

One of our main goals is to create the most appropriate conditions for our customers, also to provide a safe and comfortable way. Along with a variety of service packages, we also offer a choice of additional services and accessories, which include winter accessories, navigators, children’s car seats, ski holders and much more.

Our site will allow you to get a hassle-free access to the best offers on the market and find the right car for your trip in the most favorable conditions.

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