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Discover the best deals on car rental in Astana with Naniko

As the capital of Kazakhstan Astana has become not so long ago, but as a result of significant reconstructions and construction of ultra-modern buildings, the city radically transformed and became the place that fully complies with the high rank of the capital. The city is situated on the Ishim River, and has in presence an attractive historic center. The main point of Astana is a large area and the presidential palace, which accumulated the most important aspects of the political life of the country. In the central area of ​​Astana there are the variety of shops, bars and restaurants, and in recent years, due to the fact of increased number of foreigners working here, the city significantly changed shape and became more cosmopolitan one. Here you can admire the beautiful new buildings, excellent examples of modern architecture, as well as to spend pleasant hours in the city’s museums and immerse yourself in the study of the history and culture of Kazakhstan. If you use the service of car rental in Astana, you will have the perfect opportunity to see the city in a whole new light, with your own car, you will get independence from the timetable of public transport and will be able to customize your trip according to your needs.

Book now your car rent in Astana by Naniko and be prepared to get the best trip to your destination!

We offer the numerous options and service packages to meet the needs of our customers, you can take advantage of car rent starting from the hourly rental and up to the long-term options. Whether you are a private customer or a corporate client, we will provide you with the package, which will fully meet your needs.

It often happens that our customers need a car immediately upon arrival at their destination. Therefore we deliver auto for your address, which you can specify when booking or inform us later.
You can return the car in a different place than picked it up, if your plans do not include return to the initial position of travel. Having agreed with us in advance, you can also go to the international route and leave the car in a different our office of lease in another country.

Take your ride in complete safety and comfort with the service of rent a car in Astana from Naniko!

To summarize some of the benefits of our services, it should be noted that when rent a car by Naniko you get a wide selection of vehicles, best and competitive price, highest quality, range of additional services, including children’s car seats, GPS, support racks, snow chains and much more.
Selection of vehicles of all types and sizes in our fleet is really great, and here you will find autos of all sizes, technical data or any desired class.

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