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Cheap car rental in Belarus – Rent a car on the best terms from Naniko

Belarus, or officially also known as the Republic of Belarus is a country placed in Eastern Europe and is landlocked. A visit to this country promises a lot of interesting things, as it is a land of brave and friendly people. Traveling outside the capital, you can see the immaculate landscape of dense forests, cornflower fields, many lakes and magnificent villages.

For such a comprehensive trip, many travelers prefer to take advantage of the best services of car rental in Belarus by Naniko, the full list of which options you can see on our website or get by telephone with our qualified specialists.
Tourists or business people who arrived in this country are very curious about Belarus and, as a rule, have no doubts that it is necessary to have a convenient means of transportation for a successful trip. In such conditions, rent a car in Belarus is in fact an indispensable opportunity to realize all the planned goals and routes at the most affordable prices.
A few interesting facts about Belarus can be learned in advance:
• In Belarus they never give a yellow flower to a lady, as they are seen as the harbingers of separation with a loved one.
• It is known that Belarus has the largest land mammal in Europe, a zubr, also known as a bison.
• This country has the highest level of literacy, reaching 99%.

Take your tourist route or business tour in complete comfort on a car rent in Belarus at affordable rates from Naniko!

Belarus is able to offer the widest range of attractive tourist destinations, especially if you have the convenience of a car for rent in Belarus, with which you can visit the country at your own pace.

You can use the services of our company in a very simple way by reserving the car you need beforehand through our convenient reservation system. To obtain a rented car you must have a voucher containing detailed information about your order, prices and other data.

In addition to the voucher, you must provide a passport and driver’s license, which must be legible in the country of lease, otherwise you need also have the driver’s license of the international standard in addition to the original.

On an auto rented from us, you are given the opportunity to cross the border and continue traveling to another country. In most cases, there are no barriers to this, but in each individual case it is better to obtain the information in advance. To do this, when booking, you should specify the country in which you wish to continue the trip and our experts will check what the rules of this country are for transit. In some cases, additional documents may be required to cross the border.

The range of our services includes the delivery of the car to the place you need, for example, to the hotel, to the airport or another. But if you do not have such a need, then you can get a car at our rental points, at the addresses that will be given to you in advance when booking.

In addition to the cost of services, the amount of the deposit is also subject to payment, which is a guarantee of the safety of the car for the period of the lease. The deposit depends on the technical characteristics and category of the car you ordered. The amount is fully refundable at the end of the lease, in the event that all the norms of the contract are respected by both parties.

Find out more about additional options on the Naniko website to successfully make tour on car hired in Belarus!

For your comfort and mobility needs we also provide additional options and services where you can order when booking or directly at our offices a GPS navigation system or a child seat, winter tires, ski shelves or snow chains, also the option of an additional driver and much more.

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