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The best low cost offers of car rental in Bishkek by an international company of Naniko

Bishkek, being a capital of Kyrgyzstan, at the same time is the most important cultural center of the nation. Regarding the origin of its name, there are various legends, but the most common is that in the Kyrgyz language this means churn that is a wooden container used to transform the cream into butter and for production of koumiss, which is a fermented mare’s milk, and is the national drink of the country . In this city, you can discover a lot of interesting things and see the best sights. You can avoid the use of public transport, if you use the car rental in Bishkek, and in such a way to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

In addition, you will easily choose your own itineraries and do not spend a large amount on taxi services.

You can visit places such as the National Park of Ala-Archa, walk to Ala-Too Square near the White House of Kyrgyzstan, to take the opportunity to visit the Manas square and the National Museum of History.

In short, using the services of car rent in Bishkek by Naniko, you will find your ideal car at the best price.

Discover all the benefits and great deals for rent a car in Bishkek from Naniko!

We provide unique benefits for our customers, also the price, which is originally takes into account all the taxes and the cost of Casco insurance, unlimited mileage and offered free roadside assistance.

The main goal of our work is to provide the best deals for rent a car to our clients and to provide the desired vehicle at the best price. According to your budget and specific needs of your trip, here you can choose a suitable vehicle, auxiliary devices and additional services.

In our fleet are provides the most modern range of vehicles available in our rental locations worldwide. Here you will find luxury model for business meetings and special occasions, elegant sedans, sports convertibles, small and economical cars and many other things that will create for you the ideal vacation or business trip.

Discover now the most suitable options of car rent in Bishkek via Naniko and create your best trip!

For your trip for business or pleasure, Naniko provides you with everything you need:

  • Overview of deferent vehicles of various models and sizes.
  • Enjoy special discounts and great offers, which will save for you even more.
  • For you and at your disposal our experts with whom you can talk about matters of interest for rent a car, and who will support you with detailed information on the service packages.

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