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The best offers for car rental in Paris from Naniko

If you are planning a trip to Paris for a holiday or even on business matters, you probably will definitely find time to see at least a few attractions of this magnificent city. Of course, starting  for a journey you will previously informed of the fact that this city is not listed among the cost-effective, but also not the most expensive one, because, for example, London is undoubtedly more expensive city than Paris. Even if you get the tickets for cheap flights, still in the city are waiting for you the cost of a hotel, restaurants, museum tickets, etc. But it is also nice to know that in Paris there are a variety of attractions, a visit of which is absolutely free. In short, all these costs are certainly worth it to visit this wonderful city, but you can plan everything so wise to avoid some expenses, such as taxi services or not to waste time waiting for public transport. How to do it? The ideal and cost-effective means of transportation is a car rental in Paris, with which you will be able to fully visit not only the city, but also its surroundings.

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Through user-friendly filters available in our reservation system, you will just in a few minutes be able to gain access to the most beneficial options for the direction you want.
The total cost of the services you receive at the end of the order, after you decide the correct model of the vehicle, the rental period and the additional services, if required. Price, provided you already includes taxes and the cost of compulsory insurance, covering also damage in the collision and theft.

Additional services and accessories can also be ordered and paid for on-site reception of the car. Among them you will be given the choice of convenient car seats for children, navigators, winter accessories, and more.
In the spectrum of additional options is the service of personal drivers, also an option of additional driver, which you can choose from a number of your companions. At the registration of the lease contract any of the drivers, the main or additional one, must submit their personal documents and get respective rights and obligations when driving a rented car.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the romantic city in complete comfort on car rent in Paris from Naniko!

Paris is especially beautiful at night when the neon lights beautifully illuminate the streets and emphasizes its special mystery and romanticism, a gigantic structure of the Eiffel Tower shimmers with colored lights, and a Ferris Wheel opens the great views of the entire city. With a car rent in Paris can be visited also the surroundings, reaching unparalleled Versailles Palace, which is another symbol of the greatness of the country.

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