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The most competitive rates for car rental in Tallinn with Naniko

Estonian capital Tallinn is a beautiful city, which is surrounded by old walls. The main attraction is the historic center of this ancient Hanseatic city. In the old days there were clearly marked class differences, because the rich and the nobles lived on a hill at the top of the city, called Domberg, and the poorest segments of the population were living literally at the bottom, in the lower part of the city. Today, Tallinn has a population of approximately 400,000 inhabitants, representing almost a third of the Estonian population.

Estonia is the northernmost of all the Baltic countries, and Tallinn is situated in its northern part, on the Gulf of Finland. Crossing the bay you can reach the Finnish capital Helsinki. In the southern part of Tallinn is a large lake ‘Ülemiste järv, which is great for walking and active lifestyle, sports and entertainment, but also is a reservoir of drinking water for the city. Lots of interesting destinations in the capital and its environs will be available, if you take a car rent in Tallinn, and create your own routes with total freedom from the means of public transport. Through the reservation system of the company Naniko, you find the most affordable service packages at competitive rates, already taking in account taxes and insurance, unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance.

Organize your best travel using the services for rent a car in Tallinn from an international company of Naniko!

To pick up the car, you will need to submit your personal documents with a satisfactory shelf life, as well as the booking voucher, which you will receive as a confirmation of your order. It will contain all the data of your order. At the site of the reception of the car, based on the documents provided by you will be signed a lease.

In our vehicles you can make any routes having in disposition an unlimited mileage and thus, without additional costs for the passed kilometers.
It is also possible to make a trip to another country, obtaining in advance the special permission from our company.
When booking you can choose any car that meets your needs, and for this purpose are provided with convenient filters, so you can specify all the desired vehicle parameters.

Learn more about the profitable options, special offers and discounts on auto rental in Tallinn from Naniko!

Get the hired car you can at any of our rental points or upon your request, the vehicle can be delivered at your place of arrival or residence, or to any address that you will specify.

Time of delivery and return is not limited, but should be agreed initially. Thus, we are available for you late at night and during off-hours.

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