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Book a car rental in Ukraine at the best rates from Naniko

Ukraine is a country with vast territories and a variety of landscapes, characterized by flat terrain, crossed by a large ridge of the Carpathians. This country welcomes its visitors with a rich history and fascinating cultural traditions, spectacular folk songs and beautiful hand made products. Here everywhere you are met by friendly and cheerful people, interesting traditions and a lot of natural and cultural attractions.
Although the country has various forms of public transport, which operates in many areas, if you want to enjoy your tour according to your tastes and preferences, it is best to use a car rental in Ukraine.

Our economical rates offer you pleasant surprises, in which are initially taken into account all local taxes and the cost of compulsory insurance, granted the mileage without restrictions with which you can easily travel on selected routes without additional costs.

Enjoy the magnificent sceneries and beautiful cities on car rent in Ukraine from the company of Naniko!

When you receive a car rent is always have to be signed a contract for the lease and an acceptance certificate, which lists all the agreed terms of the lease, the exact time of reception and return of the vehicle, also the conditions of the vehicle. Before you sign a contract, you are advised to check out the car and make sure that all is in accordance with the correct standards, there is no damage to the body, the car interior is clean, well-functioning lights, etc.

When choosing a car, be sure to consider the specificity and purpose of your trip. For example, if you have to travel through mountainous terrain or off-road, it is better to give preference to the SUV 4×4, to move around the city will be effective our efficient and compact cars, for special occasions, celebrations and business meetings we will offer you variety of sedans or luxury cars.

As a rule, there is always a limit to the age to rent a car and the minimum age for renter is always 21 years old.
Usually, it is better to obtain prior information about the required standards regarding personal documents. It must be remembered that these documents should have a shelf life of at least one year at the time of the rent, and a driver’s license must be of international standard, if the original is not readable in the rental country.

Get the necessary advice for rent a car in Ukraine from Naniko and carry out your trip in the best conditions!

If you have made a sensible decision to use rent a car in Ukraine, you will get the endless opportunities to visit such interesting places of the country, as the elegant city of Odessa, which is the largest trade port on the Black Sea, Kharkov, which is the second largest city in the country and many other areas, with accordance to your interests.

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