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Car rental at Vilnius airport – Offers developed for you to rent a car by Naniko

Having planned a trip to this Baltic country, you will most likely take advantage of low-cost flights and arrive in the Lithuanian capital via Vilnius International Airport, which is disposed about six kilometers from Vilnius. To date, this airport is connected to more than 59 cities in the world, and in recent years a record number of passengers was more than 700,000 people. Over the past decade, there has been a rapid growth and increase in the number of travelers due to the opening of new routes, also the availability of low-cost flights. Also taking into account the ongoing expansion of economic and cultural ties between Lithuania and foreign countries, the number of passengers is constantly increasing, thanks to the growth and development of tourism. Many people come here also for commercial purposes. Another circumstance that Vilnius Airport is an important crossroads between the EU and Eastern Europe plays an important and even key role in air communication.
In order to provide passengers with a comfortable stay, the airport offers a wide range of services, and recently the reconstruction and modernization of the arrival and departure zones has been carried out, as a result of which the registration process and other services have become more sophisticated. A business club and mini-centers for business people are available.
Vilnius Airport is only 15 minutes away from the capital on the Rodūnios road and you can easily reach it in 10 minutes by car for rent at Vilnius Airport from Naniko, which you can pre-book using our convenient on-line system.

Realize the best dreams of traveling in a comfortable style on a car rent at Vilnius Airport from Naniko!

Of course, it should be noted that traveling is not everyone’s vocation, but for us, at Naniko, for people united by a passion for technology and innovation, and also traveling in comfort, this passion has turned into the strongest side of a successful business formed by decades. We offer our customers the highest quality of service for car rental, whether for tourism or business purposes, but now our services are available both throughout Lithuania and in most European countries, thanks to hundreds of rental locations spread around the world.

We take responsibility for providing a variety of services to ensure your mobility, flexible system and cost-effective service packages.
Every day we strive to provide maximum support, offer the best comfort and convenience, because we understand how important these issues are when traveling.

Booking through the site of Naniko, in addition to huge savings, provides you with such additional benefits as a personal approach to each client and the acquisition in our person of a permanent and reliable partner who can provide you with car rental services always and everywhere.

Although every day we process a large number of orders, we still manage to pay special attention to each client, listen carefully to their wishes and provide exactly the same services and the vehicle that is required for their travel purposes. For this approach customers love us and for many years become our regular clients.

In the order already made, you can make adjustments or cancel it without even having a risk of fines; it is important to do it within 48 hours before the start of the lease period.

An important factor is that our tariffs already initially include all taxes and insurance costs and you do not expect any hidden additional expenses.

The company of Naniko offers the best services of auto rental at Vilnius Airport to guarantee you a carefree vacation!

Whether you need a family car, a mini convertible, an elegant sedan or a reliable SUV, you will always find the perfect inexpensive car that meets all your personal travel needs.