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Select the best conditions for car rental in Zagreb with Naniko

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is a very attractive city with a medieval center, which clearly shows the influence of different cultures. Since the Balkans have always been a popular destination for international tourism, this city attracts many tourists every year. In fact, the city has an incomparable charm and is able to offer visitors a wonderful diverse culture, historical sites, also the trendy shops and lively nightlife, which fit to compete with those in London and Milan. The population of Zagreb is a little more than 800 000 inhabitants, but taking into account the surrounding urban areas, the number is more than 1 million inhabitants. Located in the northern part of Croatia, 20 km from the border with Slovenia, the town was built on both banks of the Sava River and at the foot of the mountain Medvednica. Arriving here travelers or business people have a need for a convenient means of travel, and the most effective way for many years considered the service of rent a car in Zagreb that in the easiest and fastest way you can book in advance.

In the cheap and convenient way you can get anywhere, using the services of car rent in Zagreb from Naniko, which is an independent company and the specialist for many years.

Do not miss the chance to take advantage of favorable conditions and special offers for rent a car in Zagreb from Naniko!

  • Low level of our tariffs implies that initially they have taken into account the cost of insurance and taxes, also provided the millage without restrictions and free assistance in case of unforeseen complications.
  • We never have any hidden costs, all prices are given according to the principle of transparency and the cost of any additional services are always listed separately.
  • The principle of quality control of our vehicles is very important to us and therefore before each period of rental cars undergone the special technical control, in order to ensure excellent condition and high quality.
  • Various additional services are also available, such as the services of a personal chauffeur, option of additional driver, or auxiliary devices for comfort and safety, as the holders of sports equipment, navigators, children’s car seats and more. 

Visit the wonderful sights at competitive prices of auto rental in Zagreb by Naniko!


Using the services of auto rent in Zagreb, you will be able to discover the beautiful country in all its glory, without being hampered by the schedule of public transport and implementing the selected routes in the style that is most suitable for you. You will be able to drive along the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the amazing medieval towns in Croatia.

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