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Best possibilities to rent a car in Riga and car rental at low prices with Naniko

To the number of the most beautiful cities of the Baltic, one must definitely include the capital of Latvia, Riga. This historic city is perfectly preserved, considering also the fact that in recent years, restoration work is being actively carried out. It is worth noting that the center of Riga is included in the World Heritage List. Fans of architecture will be able to appreciate a lot of interesting architectural compositions and all the splendor of this special place.
If your plans include visiting Riga and its environs, the most effective opportunity for this will be rent a car in Riga in order to travel in complete relaxation. To see this amazing historical city in all its glory and get an optimal view of the city, it is worthwhile to climb the spire of the Peter’s Church, from where fascinating landscapes open. You can also visit the castle, which today is the residence of the President of Latvia. In Riga, you can find more than 30 different museums, including the Museum of Applied Arts, Photography, History and Navigation, the Museum of War and others. You can get the best deals on car rental in Riga from the company of Naniko and visit the outskirts of the city, many beautiful places and impressive natural landscapes. When you visit Latvia’s Ethnographic Museum, it seems that you are traveling back in time.

Use the useful method of car rent in Riga and get great benefits and best conditions from Naniko!

Our company provides services throughout the country, in large and small towns of Latvia you can find our offices in airports, train stations and key points. The advantages of a private means of travel on a trip are obvious, since you, without the hassle and need to use public transport, will be able to enjoy the freedom and comfort to move at your own pace. Choose from a variety of offers auto rent in Riga one that suits you and your needs.

A perfect customer service system and a reasonable pricing policy are the best guarantees of savings and the high quality of the services you receive from us. Paying particular attention to tariffs, we aim to provide the most competitive prices in the market, in which taxes and insurance are already taken into account.
In addition, you can always find that we have numerous deals and special discounts for regular customers.
To meet our customers’ needs to the fullest and to make your vacation or business trip perfect, we offer a range of additional services, through which you will easier organize any kind of travel.

The variety of vehicles in our fleet can impress. Here you can find any categories and types of cars, from economy mini and to luxury cars. You can easily realize your dream and drive one of our luxury cars. Do not miss the chance to ride along the coast aboard the cabriolet!

If you are doubted that it will not be easy to navigate in an unfamiliar city, then take the ideal opportunity to relax with the new service by Naniko, which provides the availability of a personal driver. With this option you will save more time, and also fully devote time to your holidays or business issues. Our drivers speak English and know the local routes very well.

The best deals and the lowest rates for auto rental in Riga you can always find with Naniko!

Among the most important tasks of our company, customer satisfaction is on the first place, therefore our qualified and experienced team is available to you 7 days a week to provide any assistance. The ability to accurately and professionally respond to your requests and needs is the strength of our staff. You can always contact our operators by phone and they will forward you to the appropriate specialist who will be able to provide you with exhaustive information on the subject you are interested in.

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