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Get the profitable options for rent a car in Sarajevo airport from Naniko

The name of Sarajevo, for many will resurrect the memories associated with the tragic events of the last century, which devastated the country and its capital after the former Yugoslavia was disintegrated. But today we can safely say that, although the pain of loss never subsides into the hearts of the inhabitants, but the country is firmly and purposefully headed for the restoration of a peaceful way of life, and is open to all new and progressive. For people who wish to visit this beautiful city, there are many surprises and discoveries that tourists can do while sightseeing. This cosmopolitan city is a mixture of Arab, European and Roman styles, which is clearly demonstrated in its architecture. Despite the different types of public transport, car rent services from the Sarajevo Airport are the most in demand and recognized as the best means of travel to explore this wonderful city and the surrounding regions.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit the old town, where you can admire the old churches, Catholic cathedrals, mosques and synagogues, also dedicate your time to the visit of the museum with interesting exhibitions.
Wherever you decide to go, the company of Naniko can provide you with a suitable vehicle.

Start your trip with the reservation of car rental at the airport in Sarajevo and get more favorable terms from Naniko!

Whatever is your preference in our fleet you can always find a suitable car. For flexibility of movement in the city is the spectrum of small and economical cars, elegant sedans are appropriate for various celebrations or business trip, you can choose a comfortable minivan for family vacations, and much more for your perfect trip.

If you are a frequent traveler, do not miss the chance to receive our updates and thus find special offers, discounts and various promotions.

We provide our customers the opportunity to travel even on international routes, crossing the country’s borders. To do this, do not forget to provide us with information when booking in order to get the car with necessary documents for this type of route.

It is important to have available personal documents, corresponding to the required standards. In particular, the driver’s license in some cases is required of international standards and information about this you can get from our operators.

Rent a car at Sarajevo airport from Naniko and in front of you will open all the roads in the best possible way!

International airport of Sarajevo is a major reference point for domestic and international flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is an impressive structure, disposed 6 km distant from the capital in the region of ​​Butmir. The airport serves about 800 000 passengers per year, and for the high quality of services was registered in the ranking of the best international airports.

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