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Find the car rental in France with the best offers from Naniko

France is the country of indescribably huge historical and cultural wealth, for centuries preserved traditions and magnificent landscapes, shaped by a mountain and lowland regions, where each region has its own characteristic color, flavor and local cuisine. To create an interesting travel plan in France, you just need a convenient means of travel, and in anticipation of new discoveries, will be able to immediately move to the path in full freedom. France is the leading country in the terms of world tourist destination and services of car rental in France, are in high demand all year round. An international company of Naniko offers its services for car rent in France on the most popular destinations in all airports, in cities such as Paris, Provence, Nice, Cannes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and more.
Regardless of age or interests, every visitor can find here what to see or what to get carried away. For beach lovers available the magnificent beaches of the French Riviera and the emerald coast of Brittany. Meanwhile, at the world famous ski slopes of the Alps and the resort areas you can spend unforgettable days in the open air.

Discover the preferred routes with auto rental in France at discounted prices from Naniko!

To make the selection of the car and booking process the most affordable and easy for you, we strive to provide on our website with more information, answering the most frequently asked questions, some of which are listed below.

Arriving at your destination, for taking the rented car you will need to provide your personal documents, which must comply with the required standards and have a shelf life of at least one year at the time of rental. Do not miss the sight of the availability of the reservation voucher, which gives the necessary information about your order.

It happens that there are the special requirements for the driver’s license, which must be of international standard only if the original is not issued in Latin. In case of doubt, be sure to contact our specialists, who will be able to give a more specific answer to this question.

The payment method can be selected according to your preferences, namely, you can pay for services in any online method, in our office by cash at the appropriate rate, or by credit card.

Explore beautiful destinations, cities and villages, having the best conditions for rent a car in France from Naniko!

In the beautiful cities of France, you can visit the many museums and explore the fascinating culture and art, as well as spend a pleasant evening in one of the best restaurants in the world. Visiting Paris also promises a lot of fun from the discovery of the jewels of French culture and history, as the world famous Louvre Museum, the legendary and symbolic Eiffel Tower and more.

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