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The best conditions for car rental in Kutaisi proposed by Naniko

The second largest city of Georgia, Kutaisi is a place of particular interest from a variety of perspectives. It is listed among the oldest cities in the world and with its name is associated the ancient story of the Argonauts, who came here in search of the Golden Fleece. Historical, cultural and natural attractions in Kutaisi and around in the region are innumerous, so most tourists or business people coming here to enjoy the convenient services of car rental in Kutaisi, in order do not miss the chance in complete freedom visit all of the desired objects. In the city you should definitely visit the famous Cathedral of Bagrat, which was named in honor of the king Bagrat III, who united Georgia. Located 11 kilometers from Kutaisi, Gelati Monastery was built and renovated between the 12th and 17th centuries and was an important center of religion, culture and education throughout Georgia. The views of indescribable beauty can be seen in the caves of Prometheus, disposed 40 km from Kutaisi, where the visitors can admire the pictures of different types of stalactites, stalagmites, frozen waterfalls, underground rivers and lakes.

Visit the amazing places and find out the history of the area with the help of car rent in Kutaisi from Naniko!

A wide range of accessories and additional services provided to our customers in order to make their trip more comfortable and safe. Any of these services or devices can be ordered in the process of online booking as well as on-site of car reception. In the list of assistive devices offered child seats, Wi-Fi for mobile phones, GPS navigation systems, snow chains and more.

To receive the car rent in Kutaisi, you can at any convenient place for you, that you specify during your booking or inform us later. Across the country we have many rental offices, so you can return the car in a different place than received. It’s important to agree this task with us beforehand. Thus, you can easily implement a linear route, for example, traveling from Tbilisi to Batumi, which will be the final point of your trip, you can leave your car in our Batumi branch.

We are always looking for new ways to offer high-quality vehicles at an affordable price. So often we provide a range of discounts to make your trip more enjoyable for even lower prices.

The prices offered on our website or at any of our offices, always contain the cost of compulsory insurance and local taxes, so no additional costs you will not find on the site. Total cost of services will be calculated depending on the type of car you choose and as long you require these services.

Discover more favorable conditions and advantages for rent a car in Kutaisi at low rates from Naniko!

When rent a car there functioning the specific system of fuel policy. As a rule, we provide cars with a full fuel tank, and when you return you will choose one of the following options:

1. Return the car with a full tank, and in this case you do not have to pay anything.
2. Pay the cost for full tank initially in our office, and refund it with empty one. We always offer the average market price of fuel.

Among the additional services provided the option of the second driver, because we understand that traveling with companions, a logical desire will be to share the pleasure of driving with someone else. So, you can easily specify one or more drivers in your order. All drivers must present their driver’s license at the time of registration of the lease. Any additional driver will be included in the contract and receive the corresponding rights and obligations.


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