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Find car rental in Latvia and the best conditions for rent a car with Naniko

To ensure that your trip is serene and in complete comfort, it is best to resort to the tried and tested method of car rental in Latvia and contact the company Naniko, which has been a specialist in this field for decades. Although Latvia is a small country on the shores of the Baltic Sea, it can offer a lot of interesting things to make a very entertaining trip here. Any visitor can find a lot of attractions that deserve very special attention. Using the rent a car service in Latvia, it is easy to study this wonderful country in complete freedom and in your own rhythm, regardless of the conditions of public transport.
Nature lovers will be able to discover in Latvia many kilometers of untouched landscapes, enjoy the tranquility of the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea, visit the numerous nature parks, admire the picturesque rivers, lakes and forests. The most popular is the Gauja National Park, where you can observe the large rocks and dense forests that create the atmosphere of an earthly paradise. But lovers of outdoor activities will find a variety of activities for themselves. Undoubtedly, Latvia is among the leaders in the field of tourism and health resorts. The presence of a mild climate of the coast, air saturated with pine aroma, underground mineral waters and therapeutic mud, all this together attracts many tourists annually and for rejuvenating procedures. Certainly worth visiting the resort town of Jurmala, which is also famous for its healing waters.

Explore the great attractions when traveling by car rent in Latvia at profitable prices from Naniko!

Since Latvia attracts numerous visitors from all over the world every year, car rental services are in high demand and contribute in the most suitable manner to discover the hidden treasures of this country, to enjoy typical Latvian cuisine and visit unique places.

Our company provides auto rental services in Latvia, also around the world. You can find our offices in airports and train stations, in city centers and in all the famous tourist destinations.

• A huge range of our fleet is designed for the most diverse needs of our customers. If you choose us as a provider of these services, you have access to mobility everywhere. This means that, whatever the purpose of your trip, you always get a quality car, safe and tested by our technical services. We can choose everything from a super mini and to a luxurious MPV.

• Concerning the issue of prices, we are pleased to announce that we have the lowest level of tariffs, which already includes taxes and compulsory insurance. This possibility of pricing is given to us by virtue of high turnover. Your advantage is that you receive services directly from the first hand.

• With us, you do not venture to face the fact of hidden costs, since everything is initially provided with maximum transparency. If you need to use the range of additional services, you will find the cost of each service in the corresponding section.

• Among the undeniable benefits offered to you, you should definitely note the unlimited mileage, which will allow you to master any long distances without additional spending.

Take advantage of the unique conditions of traveling by car for rent in Latvia, provided by Naniko!

The booking process is very simple thanks to the ideal system offered on our sites. To get the ordered car you only need to show your personal documents and a booking voucher.
If before your trip your plans have changed, you can make adjustments to your order or cancel it by contacting our operators.

When traveling with family or friends, you can take advantage of the option of additional driver, which is an ideal opportunity to share the pleasure of driving with your fellow travelers.

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