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The metropolis of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, which has its own special charm and unique symbiosis of Eastern and Western styles.
This place is really worth a visit for many reasons, among which an important place occupied by historical and cultural attractions, beautiful architecture of different styles, the impressive number of bridges laid across the Miljacka river, and also many places of worship of different religions. The surprising fact is that here you can see everywhere in close proximity to each other Christian churches, mosques and synagogues. Very rational solution would be to rent a car in Sarajevo and easy arrive to any place, to use better the time of journey, also for significant saving of finances, avoiding to spend on taxi services.
For tourists who want to immerse themselves in the study of the city’s attractions, worth visiting the Stari Grad, presented in an oriental style, where the narrow streets are intertwined, creating an interesting maze, everywhere you can see small wooden houses with cozy courtyards, caravanserais and religious buildings.

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All prices provided on our website are quoted with the included rates of compulsory insurance and VAT. If you want to purchase additional coverage, our specialists will be able to offer you a variety of insurance packages. Here it is important to know that you are provided with unlimited mileage, and therefore without additional cost, you can travel on any routes.

We offer a variety of categories of vehicles in our fleet, from the spectrum of which you can rent a particular model you liked, one that most suits your style of travel or business trip.

The lease contract is always made out in the point of car receive, rental period is specified clearly in the contract. If necessary, you can extend the rental period, informing the booking center for a few days in advance.
It is important that the customer clearly indicate the e-mail address for the exchange of relevant information.

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Sarajevo, also called the city of bridges, provides visitors with a unique opportunity to admire these numerous bridges that connect the two parts of the city. Among them are the Latin Bridge made in stone with a plaque about Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was killed in these neighborhoods.

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