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The best offers for car rental in Sofia airport by Naniko

The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is served by an international airport with the IATA code of SOF and is also known as Letishte Sofia-Vrazhdebna. The airport has two terminals, one of which is mainly used by low cost airlines such as EasyJet, Wizz Air and others, and the second one serves as a hub for national airline of Bulgaria Air. Terminals linked by shuttle service that operates every 30 minutes. The annual passenger turnover is more than three million people.

Tourists and business people visiting the country, give the priority to the service of car rent at the airport of Sofia, as a convenient airport location contributes to the rapid achievement of many areas and the presence of a car allows you to travel without constraint and nig expenses. The road from the airport to the center of the capital is equipped with the English signs.
Although the offers of car rental in Sofia airport are many, always is more efficient pre-order services, and the lowest prices can be found via the web-site of the company of Naniko. With the help of our search engine, you can book a car at a very competitive price.

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To make your experience of the rental of car at the airport in Sofia without unpleasant moments, make sure that your personal documents fully comply with the required standards in the country.
In particular, if your driver’s license issued in a language unreadable in the country of rent, you will certainly need to have available also the document of international standard.

In the moment of implementation of the reservation or later, when taking the car, you can also order any additional services and accessories, among which you can choose a GPS navigation system, the car seat for the child, winter accessories, luggage basket, sports equipment holders and much more.

For ease of travel in a rented car, you should avoid the central streets of the city during the hours of heavy traffic. To get to the Black Sea coast, it is better to use the A1 highway, which connects Sofia and Burgas. For travel on a motorway required a paid ticket, which can be purchased at most service stations.
The use of parking spaces in Sofia is subject to certain rules and there are the different blue and green areas. In the blue zone, which is mainly present in the heart of the city, is only possible short-term stop.

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In order not to run into trouble when driving on the roads in a rented car, it is useful to inquire beforehand about the traffic rules of the country. For more information about this and many other things you can connect with our skilled operators.

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