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The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi to date is classified as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The region in which the city is located is famous for its magnificent climate and the presence of a rich history, as also the whole country. Tbilisi is full of historical, cultural and architectural attractions, you can find here the ancient buildings, such as Narikala fortress of fourth century, or the oldest in the city basilica of Anchiskhati city of sixth century, and more.
Architectural composition of the city is a mixture of different styles from classical and up to medieval, but there are also the remains of the cumbersome structures of the Soviet period. Over the past decade the city’s appearance got a more modern shape, emphasizing the rapid development and emergence as an independent and revived state. In the immediate vicinity of the city, just 25 kilometers away is the beautiful town of Mtskheta, which for eight centuries was the ancient capital of the country and that is the cradle of Christianity in Georgia. These and many attractions can be visited arranging a convenient means of mobility, and therefore it is recommended to take advantage of car rental in Tbilisi, to reach any place and implement the planned routes.
In the city you can find a variety of companies that provide these services, but why waste time for searching if in a convenient manner can be booked the exceptional service of car rent in Tbilisi through the system at the site of Naniko.
Through our reliable system you can get a car not only in Tbilisi, but also in all major cities of Georgia, airports and other key locations, thus significantly saving your budget.

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Using our system, you will find everything you need just in a couple of minutes. Specifying initial settings according to your needs, among which are the category of cars and the desired rental period, the most convenient and affordable options you get in the display and will only need to confirm your specific choice.
Your order will be confirmed within a few hours after the completion of the reservation.

The large park of vehicles of our company gives you the choice of various categories of auto. Whether you are traveling alone or in the company of fellow travelers or family, travel on business matters, or for relaxation, in each case will be able to find a suitable vehicle for your purposes. The most practical and flexible for urban displacements are our compact car models, business people can use something from our range of elegant sedans or luxury cars, for our group trips are offered comfortable and spacious minivans and minibuses and mountain trip you will be able to carry out in complete safety on our off-roads.

Today our services are available through a variety of sites in most countries, and the information is provided in different languages. Thus, you get access to the cheapest offers from our company in different countries, cities, airports, ports and train stations, wherever you will have necessity to rent a car for your purposes.

All our rates are offered with complete transparency and without any hidden costs. Initially, the price taken into account the cost of insurance and taxes, as well as unlimited mileage, which will save you from additional expenses.

Learn about the other benefits by the company of Naniko, in order to the best conditions get the car rent in Tbilisi!

You do not have to pay any fines, if necessary to make changes in your booking or remove order two days before the commencement of the lease.
You can carry out this procedure independently by following the instructions on the website or contact our skilled operators who will always keep ready to help you in various questions about our services.

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