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A variety of options for car rental at Paris Orly airport with Naniko

Paris Orly Airport is the second busiest French airport, through which circulate flights to near and middle distance, domestic and European flights. Located near the capital, only 14 km away, Orly serves more than 25 million passengers a year and provides a range of high quality services to travelers. There are two terminals, connected by shuttle service, and available a railway link with a high-speed regional metro system of Paris. In the system of the aviation industry, Paris – Orly Airport is indicated with IATA code of ORY. At the airport there are two hotels, a large number of bars and restaurants, and both terminals are equipped with an impressive number of sales outlets.
Although the city is equipped with various means of public transport, many travelers want to be completely independent in their journey, and prefer to use the services of car rent at Orly airport, also in order to save more. The modern motorway network allows quick and easy access to the capital and visit all the interesting destinations in the region without any problems.

Save time and money by choosing offers for rent a car in the airport of Paris-Orly with Naniko!

From the spectrum of our fleet, you can select various types of vehicles that can satisfy all the needs: from the urban and economical cars to stylish sedans, station wagon and more.

When you have completed your order, you will receive via email the confirming voucher, which you need to carry when taking the car, as it includes important details of your order.

If necessary, make certain changes in the already completed order, try to carry out this procedure no later than two days before the commencement of the lease, so you do not have to pay any fines. You must bear in mind that when you change the model or the car or rental duration can be changed accordingly the amount of the order.

Because of our prices are initially given with included taxes and the cost of auto insurance, you will not come to pay any additional amounts, we also have not any hidden costs and all provided with maximum transparency.

Explore the Palace of Versailles and the French regions with the convenience of a auto rental from Orly airport by Naniko!

Once you have reasonably used the economical car rental services from Naniko, the obvious choice would be first to visit this romantic city of lights and immerse yourself in the charm of Paris. You cannot miss the chance to admire the magnificent panoramic view from the height of the Eiffel Tower or miss a visit to the Louvre, stroll along the characteristic districts of Montmartre and Montparnasse or Champs Elysées, see the Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Bastille, where were such important historical events of the country.

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