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Find a deals for rent a car in Azerbaijan especially for you by Naniko

Azerbaijan is disposed in the Caucasus region and has no outlet to the sea. In a country dominates the mountainous landscapes, and from the eastern part creates a natural border the Caspian Sea, placed at 28 meters below sea level. The area of the nation is characterized by very diverse climate, respectively to the nine climatic zones. You can admire the national parks, discover the many different and sparse species of plants and animals. On the Absheron peninsula you can enjoy the views of the many castles, including the Zoroaster Temple, shrine of the Persians. Along the Caspian Sea coast you can notice the amazing volcanic landscapes, or in Gobustan to see oldest rock paintings, that tell about the settlement history of the country.

The favorite means of travel acorss the country for many voyagers is to hire a car in Azerbaijan, a broad spectrum of which can be found via the web-page of Naniko with possible prior reservation.

Discover the exotic landscapes of the land with a great chance to rent a car in Azerbaijan by Naniko!

In the moment of booking you usually specify a start and end date of the lease, but if in the course of rental period you will have the necessity of extension of the services, you can easily accomplish this by contacting a few days ahead with our booking center. They will check the availability of car for the next rental period and your daily rate will be kept. In that case, if the car leased by you is not available for the extension, you will be provided with a similar car or higher category with saving your rate.

Wherever bring you your way and whatever are the purposes of your trip, in our fleet you can always pick up a vehicle that meets all of your travel needs. It offered delightful compact cars with economical fuel consumption for urban trips, elegant sedans for business meetings, spacious MPV for family holidays and much more that is perfect for you.

You can often find very attractive special offers, discounts or free accessories, proposed in the framework of special events. To do this, you need to specify the desired direction and your dates of hire, and to detect the presence of various deals on the set parameters.

As a rule, the prices initially provided for you will not change, and always contain the cost of Casco insurance and all taxes. There are no hidden costs. You are provided by the millage without restrictions and free roadside assistance.

The responsibility of the tenant is to provide us with the correct information and the relevant personal documents which will correspond with requirements in the country. In particular, regarding the driver’s license is better to ensure the required standards, namely, if the original of the document issued in an unreadable language in the country of rent, make sure you also need to attach a document of international standard.

Shelf life of personal documents should be not less than one year at the time of the lease.

With Naniko you can always find the best conditions and prices for auto rental in Azerbaijan!

Together with the original personal documents for registration of the lease contract and the pickup of the rented vehicle the tenant must also provide with the booking voucher, which gives all the details of your order.

Often there are age restrictions for the implementation of the lease and, as a rule, the minimum age specified at least 21 years. In many companies, there is a special rate for young driver, but our requirements are the presence of a valid driver’s license and driving practice not less than two years.

In the spectrum of additional services we have the option of an additional driver, which you can choose when booking or later. This service is convenient for people traveling with friends or family.

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