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Additional accessories and services from car rental Naniko in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and whole Georgia!

International company Naniko offers at your disposition its services and a wide choice of ancillary accessories and special rates on auto rental, including a list of additional services for worry-free travel. You can select the most suitable package of services that will satisfy your needs best. It’s possible to carry out the booking through our online system or directly apply for the necessary information to our skilled operators.

Make the right choice and travel safely and in comfort with the assistance of auxiliary accessories when renting a vehicle from Naniko!

It is important correctly identify all the things that you need for safety and comfort, which of our additional services needed for your trip and let us know in time. Thus, everything will be prepared in advance for your arrival.

Particular attention should be given to the spectrum of supportive accessories, some of which are even required to have available on the board of the car, like for example a child seat when traveling with children.

Seats are easy to install and offered on weight and height of the child. It is best to book in advance, so that our personnel were able to keep it available for your car!

Satellite navigation is also an indispensable device when moving through of unfamiliar territory. In any office of Naniko you can get a device with updated maps of the area to enjoy a light-hearted route.

No less important device are snow chains in winter, especially if your route passes through the mountain passes, where the chains are even required by local ordinances.

From a multiplicity of additional services, we would like to mention road assistance provided to our customers free of charge in case of unforeseen failures or accidental damage of the vehicle.

Use the convenient option of an additional driver if you are traveling with friends on a long distance, so as not to overdo from driving or simply to share the pleasure of driving. Additional driver can be specified at the signing of the lease, must be present in person and provide the necessary personal documents.

Find out more about the special deals and discounts on auto hire from Naniko!

Take a benefit of special offers and discounts on our website for a small or large vehicles of our fleet. Often available seasonal discounts and interesting combinations that allow you to save a considerable amount of your budget.

Among those you may find:

Offer of a one-way rental at a special price.

Promotion and deals for university students in the economy class cars with the addition of one of the auxiliary accessories like for example the navigator or a luggage cart.

And much more…