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Operational lease and auto rental at the best tariffs with Naniko

International company Naniko offers to its clients an improved system of the service – operational leasing of vehicles, including alternative and innovative solutions and approaches. The full range of services also includes the management and maintenance of your fleet. This is a more progressive type of long-term lease, especially suited to companies whose operational needs require consistent of the parkland renewal, but have no intention of acquiring ownership of vehicles.

Operational leasing accounts the modern forms of financing and gives the possibility to make monthly payments in equal proportions, computed from the expenses and the total cost and permits you avoid immediate investment of full cost of the car.

Gain the profit from the correct planning of your finances with the help of the operating car rental in Tbilisi and whole Georgia by Naniko!

The main purpose of this system is the fact that customers will always have at disposal a new car, protected from troubles of fleet management and can always count on a replacement of the vehicle for the lease period.

When selecting the operational leasing is necessary to know that at the expiry of agreement the lessee has no obligation to buy a car as with financial leasing.

But at the end of the renting period there are following options:

At the interpellation of the customer can buy a car, paying the remaining portion of the purchase price, called the residual cost.

It is possible to renew the contract and according to the customers desire to choose a new car. And for the next lease, a deposit is not required.

Why it is beneficial to carry out an operational auto hire with Naniko?

For the maintenance and management of your fleet, we offer highly qualified specialists.
After the contract ending we will deal the sale of used vehicles.
At the disposal of your colleagues will always be the new cars.
Knowing the schedule of basic monthly payments you can easily plan your budget in advance.

With many years of extensive experience in the field, we can get significant discounts from the manufacturers, and you can also have the additional benefit from this.

In case of any problems, you get another car to replace, for that period until the repair of your car will carried out.

Given that the working process of our company covers the management of hundreds of cars of different companies, mainly our success in quality service and dedication of our team of professionals to the business, which are always ready to assist clients in any situation.


The favorable formula of operating lease is obvious: without a large initial expenses and reduce the financial resources of the enterprise you can easy resolve the question of mobility of your company.