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Financial car leasing in Georgia from Naniko

Financial leasing ( capital) – a contract for long term rental , equipment , buildings , vehicles to acquire further acquisition of the subject contract.

Often two types of leasing contract :
• Term
• Revolving
On a fixed-term contract of capital leasing , subject of the contract may be returned or purchased at the end of the contract.

On a revolving financial leasing , after the expiration of the contract , it can be extended for a period agreed by the parties

How and what kind of property is leased

The lessor acquires the property at his own expense , which is necessary to the lessee. The lessee has the right to choose the subject of the contract. The property is transferred under the contract on the terms and conditions prescribed by it .

Are there any differences between finance leases and loan and what ?

• In financial leasing, passed under the contract is the key thing , in violation of paragraph contract or termination of the contract with the leasing object is returned to the lessor .  Pledge can be , any other property that breach of contract and the bank deducted money from the sale are used to cover the outstanding loan• In order to get a finance lease , do not need a lot of documents , compared with credit . More likely to get a positive response in financial leasing , as lessor not beat losing their property.

And credit and financial leasing impose stringent restrictions on the use of the object