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Rent a car with a driver from an international company Naniko at most affordable rates

There are various instances in life, in the travel or special events, when we have not a desire or do not need to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, for example for trips to business meetings, corporate events and special events in personal life.

For example amongst such can be a wedding, the brightest event in life, the memories of which persist for life and, therefore, every detail should be thought out and finely prepared. Among these details may be noted that what transport you will choose for the day of wedding, for movement from place to place and for arriving to the place of the ceremony and reception.

Here is just the perfect choice can offer the company Naniko, car rental with driver, providing with the best of what you could only dream of. You can also provide a means of moving your guests with the services of a bigger car.

Our services are ideal for any reason, for your leisure or work, always providing maximum comfort, professionalism, punctuality and courtesy.

The right choice for any occasion with the help of auto hired with driver from Naniko!

Thanks to the experience gained over many years, you can count on high-quality services, a broad range of high-end cars for ceremonies and events and the professionalism of our drivers.

We are proud to offer to our customers a different capacity minivans and minibuses for tours, ranging from city tours, wine tour or just for country trips, to spend a day in nature or play golf.

By visiting our site, you can easily select in our fleet cars of any class, from the economical to the most luxurious models for exclusivity.

Rental period is not limited, and accordingly to your needs, it can be hourly, daily or other duration of rental.

Our drivers are specially trained for this style of service, always courteous and polite and speak a foreign languages.

Prices offered by us are always competitive, include the insurance cost and local taxes.

Top service of vehicle rental with a chauffeur can be found on the company’s website Naniko at the lowest prices in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and whole Georgia!

Services can be ordered by using the convenient booking system on our website, but if you prefer to know all the details directly, without a doubt, our operators will provide you with the most complete information.

The payment can be made at time of booking or at our office when sign the contract.

We are waiting for you with the good wishes and guarantee a high level of quality of auto rental with driver, for your special event!