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from car rental company Naniko

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Corporate car rental in Tbilisi and whole Georgia with worldwide company Naniko

Over the past decade, demand for car rental services has increased significantly over the world because of its efficiency and convenience. And along with the demand, of course, is refined the service itself, developing and improving according to the necessities of customers.

Thereby, the service has been developed specifically for corporate customers with different variations and conditions. Whether it is a small or medium-sized company or a large corporation, an international company Naniko provides a unique corporate auto rental program, designed accordingly to your budget and performance requirements. Our company is famous for its low rates, a modernized fleet, the various rental business programs aimed at saving time and monies of our clients.

Discover all the advantages of the service of corporate auto hire from Naniko for local and international companies!

No matter what class of the car you need, a luxury sedan for a fixed term or compact cars of economy class for a few months, we will be able to find for you the best solution for company’s needs.

Having the range of different services for business, there are available short or multi-month rental, shuttle service, and we are always open to discuss your specific needs and find special solutions for your business.

When you do not need to invest in the purchase and maintenance of the fleet, your expenses will reduced, but it increases the efficiency of mobility.

For you are always given a special price, the preferable customer service and consultation from our experts.

The monthly fee includes: personal consultation, management of administrative details, special tariffs and discounts, roadside assistance, full maintenance.

Find the best mobility solution for your business with the help of a corporate rent a car from Naniko!

In the process of cooperation with us, and a clear understanding of your needs, we can customize a rental program, tailored to your individual needs.

Having developed the forward rate, using the benefits of the tariff plan, your employees will be able to use the services in any country, airports and other places where there are our offices.

With this system, you get the services of an economical alternative, owning always updated fleet and new vehicles significantly support the company’s image. In front of you opened the horizons of inexhaustible possibilities, the range of new models to choose from. You can choose a full range of luxury cars, minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, vans and other.


Successful companies have long recognized the undeniable advantages and savings in corporate car rental. Save your money with us for the competitive system of rental of vehicles.