Cheap car rental in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Georgia
from car rental company Naniko

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Chauffeur service in Georgia, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi

Chauffeur service in Georgia

NANIKO company offers car rental with chauffeur service in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Bautumi .

You arrive at a business meeting in Tbilisi , want to relax  in Batumi or you want to transfer from the  Kutaisi airport , etc. You do not prefer to drive a car or want a break from the steering wheel and sit in the passenger seat . NANIKO helps you with this .

Why did you choose our company?

Drivers in our company highly qualified and undergo special training before will accompany you . Well oriented in all of Georgia and know the best and shortest road , so that one can plan any route . They speak different languages ​​and communication with them will not make you work for . Travelling with them will give you pleasure.

High level of service and individual approach to each client. Does not depend on the purposes for which you are renting a car with a driver , it will serve you as much time as you need. Wide fleet that will suit everybody’s taste . You only have to book a car , either through the Internet or by telephone . Our  chauffeur will wait you at the airport or at any desired location .

The company also offers a separate driver services .

• Your driver has the  health problems , or  you let him go on vacation

• You fired your driver ? Until you find the desired look for  temporary candidacy

• You first arrived in Georgia? You need a driver who is well versed in local roads

• You need to go to a business meeting ?

• Are you tired ? You want to relax from the Strearing Wheel and you want  that someone  drive you to the desired place

• You want to consume alcoholic beverages ?
Book chauffeur  service and spend your time in Georgia without  any worries .. Trust us and we will take care of your travel.