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Car leasing in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Georgia

We will reduce your expenses on the car !
Car rental company  NANIKO in Georgia helps you to  buy a car that you like and reduce your cost of acquisition , registration , insurance, technical maintenance and repair of vehicle.

What is leasing ?
• Car Leasing (leasing – rent) – is an affordable way to address the issue of buy to car of the company or employees or yourself as a long-term car rental car with the right of redemption and without. The right to use a car  you have after the first installment . In leasing , you can get any car , including second-hand

Types of leasing ?
Financial leasing – special purchase of a car for the lessee , on the basis of this transaction , the total price of the car is paid within the period stipulated in the contract . The car goes to the   lessee ownership  after finishing  the lease agreement only if the lessee  pay the full amount of the lease.

Operating leasing – is considered long-term lease , purchasing the rights to use the car without the acquisition of the rights on the car . After the end of the operational leasing car returned to the lessor, he may dispose of it at their discretion. Often these cars , re- rent lease, for those who do not ask for new vehicles.

How it apply?

• It is necessary to submit a request for car leasing

• Specify the exact information about the period of the lease agreement

• Lease type that you want to use

• Specify the vehicle that you want to lease

• After you receive an offer

• Execute the contract

• The car  at your disposal

Terms of operational and financial leasing:

• The leasing contract can be issued from 6 – 60 months (fashionable to discuss other conditions)

• No advance payment

• Amortization for the lease term : up to 75 % – for the operational leasing and up to 99 % – for the financial ;

• Payment Scheme by arrangement

• Full maintenance of the machine

• Insurance (full or partial, by appointment only)