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The long-term car rental with the best prices in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi by Naniko

Changes and innovations burst into our life almost every day. And although they are certain benefits to us, we are not always able to view and process all information to effectively use it for us. Well, for example, a question about the car, which is used by most of us.

Here, for instance whether it is necessary today to buy a car, invest in a certain amount of it if there is a service of car rental in the long term? Get all the details of the lease, the flexibility of the payment system and the optimal conditions of the contract on the site, many will come to the obvious conclusion. It is already proven and widely used solution to plan costs, beneficial both to individuals and companies of all sizes.

Plan your spending and time wisely using the services of auto hire in the long term by Naniko!

This solution allows you to eliminate the problems associated with the control of automobile property without bringing any harm and having the exclusive use of the car always in perfect condition.

You are protected from the costs associated with owning a car, such as insurance, standard and extraordinary maintenance, replacement of vehicle and tires, road assistance and vehicle taxes. All this is included in the monthly fee.

More of everything:
The period of long-term lease may last from 12 to 60 months and includes any possible services to ensure the mobility of the client:

Maintenance of the vehicle is guaranteed for the term of the contract, in the auto service network of authorized workshops.

Insurance coverage includes a full package of Kasco: protection from theft / fire, and the general regulation of claims, repair and compensation of damage.

To provide maximum safety and the best conditions and in accordance with the rules of the road, the contract provides replacement of tires for the winter season.

If any unforeseen breakdowns is available quick and efficient replacement of vehicle.

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In summary we obtain
You do not need to invest the capital in that what is not your core business.

Absence of financial risks associated with the resale of used vehicles.
Manage all administrative operations related to maintenance, any claims, accounting, regulation of the question of fines and more.
A single contract for all the vehicles from one supplier, flexible packages, customized to meet the needs of the customer.

Also the priority of the services by Naniko is the human factor and the formation of stable customer relationships.