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About Georgia: Naniko car rental

Georgia – it’s a special feeling and substance, hospitable people, ancient traditions, and, of course, the incredible beauty of nature. If you are an adventure lover, gourmet or are fond of extreme sports, come to Georgia. This is a rare contrast of diverse nature: subtropical coastline, alpine mountains, semi-desert regions. If you are attracted by mountains, visit the Svaneti region. If you’re a gourmet and fun of traditions, and have to degustate fine wines – your destination is Kakheti region. If you like the seaside resorts, the beach and the exotic – go to the subtropical Adjara.

The country area is 67.7 km² Georgia and is situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Population is about 4.5 million.

The climate is transitional from subtropical to temperate. On the Black Sea coast are hot summers and relatively mild winters, summer +27 .. +32, in the winter of about + 5 degrees. In mountainous areas, the harsh winter, the frost up to -15 -20 degrees. The best time to travel to Georgia is in May-June or September-October, when it is not too hot, as in the middle of summer season.

In order to travel around the country you can take advantage of air and rail links, but you cannot see all the beauty of the country, so much more convenient and practical is to travel by car. Throughout the country, the roads are excellent, but for the mountain regions are preferable to ride off-road vehicles and it is advised to take a car for rent.

A huge number of hotels – both in Tbilisi and in the regions could suit every taste and budget.

An important fact for the tourist is the rapid development of the tourism infrastructure. In big cities, the younger generation mostly speaks English.

Traditional cousin in recognized by all who have ever tasted Georgian dishes. The famous cheese pie khachapuri (adjara khachapuri – is a separate issue), khinkali, barbeque of different kinds. And of course, the blessed Georgian wine presented in a large variety. For Georgians, it is a sacred drink. Try the delicious locally produced soft drinks: estragon, Kakhuri, cream, etc.

The capital, Tbilisi, is situated among the mountain gorges and cliffs, with its unique flavor and tradition. Be sure to visit the Old Town at the foot of the mountain Mtatsminda, the ancient district of Abanotubani. Unique landscapes surrounding Tbilisi, give it’s a special outline and in adding to the appeal, and the traditional hospitality and cordiality of the capital Tbilisi make it more interesting and attractive.

One of the major country’s resorts – Batumi, the capital of Adjara, is welcoming and hospitable. In the city and in the nearby there are a huge number of historical sites and monuments, which became the property of the whole country. The tourism infrastructure of Batumi in recent years has growing at a rapid pace.

The ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta is a small town, located amidst beautiful mountains and ancient Christian monuments. Not far from Mtskheta is Armazi excavation of an ancient settlement, which was the capital of the Iberian kingdom still in pagan era, in IV-III centuries BC.

History of Borjomi canyon of course associated with mineral springs, which was used as far back as in I century for bathing. The resort is famous for the fairy tale nature and salubrious climate, but it is due to mineral water, this place has become famous all over the world.

Come to Georgia, where everyone is always welcome! Take your car rental with the company Naniko, travel and enjoy your journey!