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Operation car leasing with Naniko in Georgia, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi

Operating leasing

What is this ?

Operating  (operational)  leasing – is a kind of long-term lease on the basis of which the lessor shall make the subject of the contract which is in its ownership , specified in the contract at the time and under certain conditions for the temporary use of the lessee . At the end of the leasing contract subject of the contract is returned to the lessor . Object operating l leasing leasing can be transmitted repeatedly .

What good in the  operating leasing !

Compared to financial leasing monthly payments operational leasing is much less. Just the lessee has the opportunity to purchase the object of the contract. Thus all responsibilities for inspection and repair of the machines are on the lessor. Lessee can return the object of the contract early without buying it at the residual value.

Positive qualities of operational leasing

Such leasing has the plus  that service life of a machine goes much shorter actual depreciation period . For the lessee system is good in that it is not obliged to purchase cars at the residual value , and can return the car back to the lessor . For someone who takes  leasing  the car for business , mainly better is operating leasing . They can afford to keep its fleet only new car and maintain this status and image of the company,

What is covered under operational leasing

It applies to the variety of vehicles , equipment, etc. Object of leasing is advantageous to choose the lessor for such which does not require large expenditures on transportation and maintenance and does not require expensive removal.

More profitable to lease the objects that could retake in leasing.  Basically, most leasing transactions concluded on the cars, because again have the opportunity to pass them on lease.