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Financial Leasing: Naniko.GE

Financial leasing is essentially a long-term lease of auto transport and accounting of taxes depreciation on the lessee’s balance sheet.

When choosing a financial leasing, you make only the first payment and the fees that will be specified in the contract.

  • Car registration with payment of all registration fees and taxes;
  • Avoiding of direct and indirect costs of fleet;
  • Maintenance of an approved service station;
  • Issuing and storing a set of winter tires in stock lessor;
  • Insurance from the best insurance companies, including insurance of a third party;
  • providing replacement of vehicle;
  • Increase manufacturer’s warranty period to the end of the contract on leasing (guarantee for up to five years, with no mileage limitation.)

Getting vehicle in finance lease, you increase the fixed assets and depreciation totals that reduce income tax.
The amount of coverage VAT payment in technical maintenance relates to tax credit. All financial obligations under the contract of leasing are displayed on the client’s balance.

At the conclusion of the lease agreement the customer can buy the car for the residual value, the amount of which is calculated on the value of the monthly payments and is determined by the client before signing the lease agreement. Decision to purchase or return the car the customer can accept and at the end of the term of the contract.