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Operational leasing: Naniko.GE

Scheme for operational / operating lease

Leasing can be of two types – no change of ownership of the leased item to the lessee (operating or operational) and the transition (financial leasing).

Operating leases may include a full service: registration of vehicles registered in the Agency servicing the Interior Ministry, insurance, maintenance, in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, the replacement vehicle for the period of repair or service, and in this case is called a full service lease. Under these conditions, the contract is fixed monthly lease mileage cars, and the lessee covers only the actual costs.
Under the terms of an operating lease ownership of the leased item at the end of the contract remains with the lessor. It also carries all the risks of residual value of the car.

The advantages of operating lease:

  • Does not require the major diversion of funds from the company’s turnover. The lessee pays the monthly lease fee, which is stipulated in the contract and may vary according to the wishes of the lessee.
  • The virtual absence of risk. All financial risks, and residual value risk is the lessor.
  • All costs of taxation are the lessor, as the object is in his possession.