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Rental car in Armenia

Armenia – an ancient country with its ancient traditions, customs, and legends. Many beautiful and interesting places to visit.
There were many invaders – Persians, Medes, Cimmerians, Romans, Byzantines, Seleucids, Arabs, Russian, Turkish, and poor peltasts Xenophon.
A country that is proud of its ancestors and their culture. The country which first adopted Christianity. Country- there is situated the highest mountain in the world. Country where the unique natural beauty and warm people. Here, visitors will experience in a short term stay – rich history.
Need to visit such places as:
Pagan temple of Garni – a well-known temple to paganism. It was dedicated to the sun god Mithra and was built in the first century.
See St. Echmiadzin – the ancient temple, the construction of which was begun in the early 4th century, after the Armenians adopted Christianity.
Zvartnots temple – now there only beautiful ruins of built in the 6th century BC temple
Geghardavank Monastery – ancient cave complex and much more.

As you can see in Armenia and a large number of attractions to visit all desirable. In order to meet the short period of time and see the maximum number of beautiful, interesting and full of colorful facts about the history of the places – worth apply to rental car companies. When you Hire the car in Armenia , you can turn your list into “must see” everything you want. To do this, stand Choose a company that guarantees you quality machines at the lowest prices – this is the company rent a car in Armenia NANIKO.