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Some interesting facts about Georgia – continuation

Continuing the topic of the previous article about the uniqueness of this nation, we will give you some more entertaining facts that will enrich your knowledge of Georgia.

Georgia is the cradle of Christianity
Georgia is one of the most ancient Christian countries in the world, where the first steps of evangelization were noted already in the first century AD, although officially Christianity took root as a state religion in the fourth century thanks to the efforts of the revered Santa Nino from Cappadocia. The Georgian Orthodox Church has autocephaly, that is, it is recognized as independent.

The Motherland of the First European
During archaeological excavations in Dmanisi, in the valley of the Mashavera River, in 1999-2001, the oldest human remains that were ever found outside Africa were discovered. These remains belonged to people who lived in the mountains of the Caucasus and, according to scientists, were the first European species of hominids. The studied skulls, skeletons and jaws date back to 1.8 million years. To date, the remains discovered in Dmanisi have been recognized by the international association of scientists as the oldest specimens found in Europe and named homo-georgius.
The most high-mountainous, continuously populated village in Europe
At a level of about 2200 meters high in Georgia is the highest mountain village in Europe, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique and ancient structures, typical vertical towers, from the height of which unparalleled landscapes open. The village is on the slopes of Mount Shkhara of 5,068 m, which is the highest peak in the country and the third in the chain of the Caucasus.

Unique Georgian Enamel
Traveling in Georgia and passing through city centers or tourist sites, you can often see magnificent enameled ornaments and pendants with bright colors and ornaments. These handicraft works are executed with the help of the unique technique of cloisonne enamel. This decorative method is based on overlapping and baking at high temperatures of thin metal layers that are filled with colored natural stones and fragmented powder, which makes it possible to create very complex shapes and intense pigmentation that can persist for many centuries. This traditional Georgian art is world famous.

Georgian polyphonic song
The art of the Georgian folk song harmoniously combines several independent voices, vocal or instrumental sounds, supporting various rhythms and melodies, is an incomparable polyphonic virtuosity. This ancient kind of polyphony in Georgia dates back to pre-Christian times and is declared as an intangible heritage of UNESCO. In 1977, the song Chakrulo, which is a classic example of the Georgian polyphony, was included in the disk containing images and sounds of the Earth sent by NASA into space.