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Georgia is the country where a dizzying mountains, blue sea and endless hospitality of the people are merged together. The region which you cannot forget even after only one visit. Beauty and the contrast of Georgian nature, art and the unique originality of Georgian architecture was the inspiration of famous poets and world known travelers.

Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, is situated on the bank of the river Mtkvari (Kura). The city’s population amounts to 1.5 million inhabitants. Tbilisi was founded in the V century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali. A huge amount of visitors annually arrive to Tbilisi to see all the attractions of this special city with their own eyes!

Today Tbilisi hosts not only for tourists but also for business people who develop diplomatic relations as well as investing in a variety of commercial projects. In view of all these factors, the demand for cars rental in Tbilisi grows exponentially. Company Naniko offers you solution which solves all the problems with transport. A large fleet of autos of different types and purposes: luxury cars for business trips, for economy class travelers on a budget, SUVs for mountain beauty and adventure seekers, mini vein for groups, etc.

The first thing you feel upon arriving to the city – its warmth. Generous Caucasian summer gives it to everyone. And you hit from the first minutes by amazing panorama of mountains on all sides around Tbilisi. Car rental company Naniko gives you the car of your choice at the airport. The reliability and the success of your trip will be guaranteed from the beginning.

It is necessary to climb Mtatsminda or the fortress Nariqala, and you will get breathtaking views. On the slopes of the hills on both sides of the river Mtkvari, “climb” districts, which are crowded with rocky cliffs.

Mtatsminda – the mountain, which is holy and is located at the foot of the old quarter of the city, built up by low brick houses with beautiful balconies and galleries overhanging the narrow streets, so typical of the architecture of XIX century Tbilisi. Old city seems descended from old postcards, and do not like anything, you had seen before.

It is especially pleasant to walk along the main avenue of Tbilisi – Rustaveli, just as famous as Neva in St. Petersburg or La Rambla in Barcelona. You should walk quiet slowly, to enjoy the charm of Tbilisi and to feel the real city’s life. The building of the Rustaveli Drama Theatre is a special architectural value. After the theater is placed a five-star hotel “Marriott” on which place before the Soviet Union period was the Hotel “Majestic”.

In the old district of the capital there are the famous sulfur baths, the most famous of which named Orbeliani or Chreli (mottled), because the roof of the towers are covered with colored tiles. Baths are below ground level, from which protrude only semi-circular arches.

For tourists visiting sulfur baths is one of the ways to cure themselves a few hours after the many wine tastings.

Georgian tableful lasts for several hours. Local viscous, burgundy and sweet wine is beyond all the praise. It is also wide range of light white wines. The cousin is full of variety: ‘”Satsivi” with walnuts, barbeques of different kinds, “Chakapuli” cooked with lamb and flavored with estragon and white wine etc.

The best place to relax in the summer heat is Turtle Lake, which is located within the city area and is amazing for its clean air and unexpected for summer coolness. A lot of cozy cafes are always overloaded. You can take a ride on a boat or water bicycle. Lovers of architecture will appreciate visiting Ethnographic Open-Air Museum.

Relax and discover Tbilisi could continue infinitely, but you never have a wish to leave this city. After such a fruitful travel you want to come back again. Tbilisi is open to anyone! Naniko will help you to travel on wheels and have time to see all the mostly memorable sites. Our transport is a guarantee of your comfort! Good luck and many sweet memories!